Classroom Projects

Classroom Projects are an important tool that teachers can use to assess their students.

Project Ideas

Mrs. Kiniris’ Ecosystem Project

Each student will pick an ecosystem from the list below and write a report and make a diorama.


1)     Oceans

2)    Deserts

3)    Wetlands

4)    Forests

5)    Grasslands


Students are to research their ecosystem using the internet, books, encyclopedia, etc.  Students should use at least two different sources (i.e. two different books or a website anda book).  Students should research the following areas:

  • Location (include a map)
  • Weather/climate
  • Plants
  • Animals
  • Other/Interesting Information

Students should write at least one paragraph on each topic.  The heading of the topic should be centered at the top of the page.  The report may be typed or neatly written on binder paper (skipping lines).  Pictures or drawings of each area may be included (optional).

The final copy of the report should be in a folder and include a table of contents and bibliography.  Samples of table of contents and bibliographies will be past out.


Make a diorama of your report (in a shoe box).  The diorama should reflect the information that you have in your written report.


You will present your report to the class.  Make sure that you include information from each category: location, weather, animal, plants, and interesting information.

**Please bring notes pages to school everyday.  Students will be given time in class to work on the report.

***Attached are sheets for students to take notes on for their project.  Below each topic are questions students can use to guide their research.

(Where is your ecosystem on a map? What landforms is it near?)

(Climate, Temperature, Does the weather change with the season and how?)

(What plants grow in the ecosystem? How do they survive? Do they grow all year long?)

(What animals live in the ecosystem? How do they survive? Where do they live- trees, dirt, ocean floor,etc…?)

Other/Interesting Information
(Would you tell a friend to visit this ecosystem? Why/why not? If you went exploring, what might you see?  Are there animals going extinct in your ecosystem? How can we help?)

Cereal Box Book Report

 This is a twist on a traditional book report. After reading the book the students cover a cereal box with paper and then decorate it according to the text. Each side of the box would have a theme or purpose (i.e. main character biography, about the author, reader reviews, character life skill qualities, and main events)

Biography Presentation- Blast From The Past

Each student is assigned or chooses a famous American to study and then present. The students create a large poster with a circle cut out in the middle. When the students are presenting they will put their face in the hole and “become” their character. During the presentation students will explain to the class why they are famous and what they achieved during their lifetime.

Goat Book

The children take a 18×11 inch paper and cut it in half. Then the students fold the paper according style which will form a book. The students will decorate the cover of the book like a goats face and then they will write a fact on each folder piece of the book.


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